Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Red Bull makes me dumb

It's such a weird looking word
Look at it
Now look away
Does it look right to you?

Look at it closer
Doesn't it look funky?


It's almost 6:30 and Deece hasn't put up the WWII yet. I am getting on a plane for Guam tonight. Do you hear the roar of the GES staff chanting "yeah, she's GONE!"? Wait, back to the WWII. The palpitations are starting, the nervous hand wringing too. Deece, WHAT IS IT? Deece, where is the new WWII? Did I get the last one? Is the new one fruit or appliance? Okay, I'm going to go outside and take a stroll around the garden and when I get back....
Come to think of it
Weird is also a very odd looking word

It looks a little dorky to me
Like it's trying to look like something it's not



Saipan Writer said...

WWII--that would be World War II?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Have fun in Guam.

Boni said...

Wednesday What Is It? It's now Thursday and I'm on Guam and Deece hasn't posted it yet. I'm not coming home until she does:)

Deece said...

Boni, I'm sorry! I wouldn't have been able to take the picture and post until now, but my batteries are dead. My sincere apologies, there was just too much for me lately. And I think posting it on Friday would just be too late. I'll write a post about it tomorrow. I really love that you enjoy the game so much! I'm sorry to dissapoint.

Gus said...

Have a safe trip to and from Guam. : )