Saturday, September 1, 2007

You never know what will happen

Everytime I think to myself, "that's it, I'm not blogging anymore" something happens to remind me that this is a new community slowly creating it's unique mores. We are caught between cyberspace and reality. What a perfect opportunity for a true study of new relationship dynamics. The little blogling rivalries have prompted different responses in people. What we think we understand, and we are comfortable knowing about human interactions is evolving before our eyes.

Either that or we're just a bunch of boobs. That didn't come out right. Boobs. You know what I mean.

I was genuinely surprised to see posts from Dave, Jeff, and Angelo referring to a what started as a comment I made on Hope's the day before the last blogger meet up. Before we knew it, there were bloggers whose veins teem with sarcasm, and hypercritical critics heeding the call to a kinder, gentler approach. Angelo's encouraging words to fellow bloggers actually brought tears to my eyes. Reading what Jeff wrote about Jane made me appreciate both of them even more as friends.

Our school counselors call these encouraging words "put-ups" and they are used to counter bullying in today's campuses. Put-ups are just as necessary for adults. In the wake of certain blogger spats, it was just what we needed.

Having the meet ups gives us a chance to re-connect and reminds everyone that we are all real people with real feelings and what we say online has an affect in real time. I hope everyone makes it a point to go to the next meet up, even if it's only for a little bit. I have an idea for the next meet-up that will be really fun, so mark your calendar!


glend558 said...

Boni: You will have too admit it you are hopelessly hooked on blogging. Yup, Can't stop now or any time soon. Try to go a week without reading or writing a blog, You'll see.

Boni said...

That's sounds like a challenge I'll think about taking Glen. A blog hiatus might just be the thing. To heck with my traffic. Then again, I can always quit when I want to, and right now....