Friday, September 7, 2007

Call me crazy

Today I did not wake up and read the news. I did not get up until 7:30. It is 9:05 and I haven't checked my office e-mail. Today I am on leave and I will try to do womanly things like shop. Last night I joined my husband and his colleagues for dinner and listened to other people talk about their jobs. I ordered a peach margarita and ate half of my steak and reveled in the fact that I did not have to wash the dishes.

Ok, enough of that. I'm restless out of my mind and still have the school bulletin to write before Sunday morning rolls in. I don't want to shop, I want to go home to my kids. I want to be in Saipan, where the gas is expensive and the power gets cut off. Call me crazy.


Marianas Eye said...

You guys are in Guam, right?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

You're Crazy! Hey, you asked me to.

I'm glad you have a chance to get out and do whatever YOU want to do.

Boni said...

We're home now. Thankfully home. I am crazy aren't I? Thanks for the confirmation:)