Thursday, September 13, 2007

We were gonna balance the budget...

I like flowers. I am not so fond of boogers. There.

One my favorite blogspots, located conveniently in the Middle Road started a chuckle in me that erupted into this blomit. They remind us all, since it is substance abuse awareness month, to drink responsiby. Ah, yes. I concur. Driving drunk has enormous consequences that reach far beyond your own personal inconvenience. The results can be deadly, and they are never funny.

The reason I chuckle dear friends, is from disbelief that our government, cashed strapped as it is, would continue to under-staff and underfund critical departments in charge of the health and safety of our community. So, this month, as the Middle Roaders say, if you get drunk and crash, be prepared to sit for a while waiting for help or bleed to death at the hospital waiting for a doctor.

...the buzz around town is that physicians at the Commonwealth Health Center have been telling people that they should avoid driving when they are intoxicated from now on.
Again, why? Because there are no doctors left on the island to treat victims of road mishaps or tragic accidents.
Maybe I should issue a letter to parents informing them to try and make sure their children don't develop learning difficulties since we are short of teachers and will not be able to accomodate them. Oh wait, that is already happening in some cases. Makes as much sense as taking 2 million dollars away from us, promising to, but never paying it back and then threatening to investigate us for theft of services.

It is substance abuse awareness month in the CNMI folks. Let's all rally the cause here and fight to stop the senseless sniffing of stupid gas.

I like hydrangeas the best. Boogers belong in your nose, not on your tongue. There.


Tamara said...

I'm just wondering if that's Charles in the cartoon???

Boni said...

I am not responsible for the artistic rendering that may or may not resemble certain members of our society. Tee, hee

The Writers said...

amen to that.

Saipan Writer said...

I once heard from a source that shall remain nameless that they hoped there weren't any auto accidents or serious problems at the time because the CNMI was out of blood. And couldn't get more because of poor paying habits. (Sort of like the fuel for CUC.)

Perhaps we should all drink to forget the sorry state of affairs? Perhaps that's what our elected leaders do!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Lets see if we can get this string off to some controversy.

While I agree that irresponsible drinking and driving can cause unexpected and sometimes horrendous consequences, I think the whole MADD thing has taken America, and by default, the CNMI in the wrong direction.

The reaction to this problem several years ago has led to a distinct and frightening break from Constitutional protections.

A person can now be stopped on the road with no probable cause whatsoever and have their persons and their property rights violated simply because they were driving at a certain place and a certain time. This precedent can and will be used as time goes on to further intrude on the individual freedoms supposedly held so dear by Americans. Freedoms once lost are not often regained without bloodshed.

A far better solution is to prosecute heavily and attach stringent but appropriate punishments to those who actually cause damage to others or their property.

What we have now is a witch hunt designed to harass and persecute those who have committed no crime at all. Crime categories have been invented to generate huge confiscatory and cash windfalls in the US, and to a lesser extent thankfully, here. All based on a crime that a person MIGHT have committed if he had not been stopped an harassed thusly.

How far down this slope to totalitarian slavery are we willing to go? "But officer I wasn't going to actually catch that fish out of season, I just wrote about it." "Sorry son, we'll have to take you in for thought crimes against the State". "I'm just doing my job". (I believe that last is a quote from Herman Goering).

(Should I post this over on Middle Road to see if we can stir the hornet's nest further)?

Boni said...

If noni is blomitting all over the blogosphere and there is no one to hear him/her, is he/she still wrong?

We're all adults, we can have our drinks, but once in a vehicle, we not only hold our own lives, but those of innocent bystanders literally in our hands.

No more controversy please, Bruce. My heart can't take it.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Mums the word.

Boni said...

The truth about me is that I have never learned to ignore my faith in the goodness of people, so I am naive. I also get really freakin' pissed off when I come across the occasional truly stupid person! No matter how we try, we cannot fight the cowardly forces of anonymity. Thanks Bruce.