Friday, September 14, 2007

I drink my carbs

Somewhere deep inside of me
is a skinny woman just dying to break out

I can usually shut her up with some pie!
Ever since Jeff revealed that Cynthia is pregnant I've been thinking about babies. Yikes, I think I just sensed my husband falling off his chair. Don't worry honey, if you're reading this I'm not thinking about more babies, just our babies. Whew, you can wipe the sweat off your forehead now.

It's crazy how the female human body reacts to having a little tenant inside. With each pregnancy, my cravings got weirder and weirder.

Pregnancy Cravings per Child
Tony Jr.: 7-11 hotdogs with jalapeƱos and Taco Bell ten pack tacos with hot sauce (burn the rubber off your tire sauce, to be exact)! Yes folks, I could eat all ten by myself.
Hope: Watermelons. I would cut a watermelon in half and grab a spoon! How I managed to prop it on my gourd-sized belly, I don't know.
Peyton: Avocados. Sugar, milk, avocado, smashed, chilled and eaten with a smile! I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner sitting under the Iba tree with my grandma when she was still alive. Both of us cheated and ate salt and iba, shhh!
Sommer: Jollibee spaghetti. Everyday. Okay, sometimes twice. I also craved those $1.00 bacon wrapped Tijuana hotdogs, the kind you can only get on the streets of Mexico at 2:30 in the morning, but that was not to be had.

I do not miss being pregnant, but I loved the feeling of carrying my babies. Our home will soon be diaper-less for the first time in 15 years. I'm teary eyed at the thought.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

I want watermelon, jalapeno, avacado, taco, sugar, spaghetti, merangue pie. AND I WANT IT NOW!! Please.

On another subject: with Alex now 3 we have mercifully been diaperless for about a year and a half. I cannot fathom sheding a tear over losing that particular part of babyhood. Must be a Mom thing.

No wonder I was not nominated for Mommy Blogger.

Boni said...

Boys are so much easier to potty train because they have an anatomical advantage. It's so a mom thing, but you can still plead your case for nomination. I use to give my dad Mother's Day cards growing up.

Tamara said...

I can so feel where your coming from on this one Boni...When I got pregnant with my oldest I craved Grilled Cheese Sandwiches..I could eat a whole loaf of bread worth of sandwiches at one sitting (which would probably explain my 55lb weight gain), My second child (son) I couldn't stand anything sweet (gained only 20lbs), My baby girl I was craving chocolate (35lb weight gain) ...Yikes, add up all that weight gain and that would explain my thunder thighs..ha ha..anyway, I haven't had diapers in my house for years..The rate that kids grow up is just day they are just getting out of daipers and then next day they are off to college..*sigh* You gotta Cherish every minute you have with them, including the dirty diapers..

Boni said...

According to my BMI (Boni Mass Index), I am 30 pounds overweight!? When I was pregnant with only my first child, a female neighbor who weighs about as much as I do now, told me that I'd never be the same again. I was about 109 lbs. I nodded sympathetically, but said to myself, "she must be high, I'll never get that huge". Four kids later and 30 pounds heavier, I hope I never ever run into her again. Hey, but at least we still have our sexy on!!

Lex said...

Women and their cravings... bah! When Jaime was preggie with our oldest, she would always crave for the kind of cereal that we didn't have... at 3 in the morning! Driving up to Martha's at those times half asleep felt like hours of driving. All worth it I guess.