Saturday, September 22, 2007

Date Night at Porky's and Government Aid

My hubby and I had a nice dinner at Porky's last night. If you want to go somewhere where they don't skimp on the drinks, it's really the place to be. The margaritas make me happy there. I opened my my puppy (laptop) to try and post while I was waiting for Tony to show up and guess what Bruce? It took forever to load. I really think it has to do with everyone's connections for real. I usually have no problems at all. Maybe y'all need to try out the Treehugger Firefox browser, works for me!

Well, even though Wednesdays are smokeless at Porky's I go outside because I feel guilty and I don't like being stared at, but I think Bruce has found a very creative way to get me to quit. A few seconds on the patio and I hear a faint sound, like the voices of angels from above. I look up to see two little girls eagerly waving and smiling, "Hi Ms. Boni!" OK then, back inside and that's that.

We were there for Arnold Palacios and Ray Tebuteb, and got a good chance to sit and talk about the budget and other political issues. All in all, it was a relaxing night. We even made it home in time to see the two babies, Peyton and Sommer still awake and begging for a good book to be read to them. Tony Jr., who is now 15 and the designated babysitter, collapsed in his bed as soon as we got home at 7:30! Doesn't look like he'll be wanting babies anytime soon:)
GES still doesn't have a secretary and we've been mulling over some creative solutions. It dawned on me that we could utilize our very own human resources to solve our staffing shortage. Since all the students are only in class until 2:20 and we work until 4:30, why don't we hire them for the rest of the day to do some office work. Talk about authentic service learning opportunities, and we all benefit. The kids get to practice their Math, Reading and Writing skills, we get all the staff we could ever dream of, and the government doesn't have to spend another greedy dime on us.

Here's Peyton balancing the FY '09 budget, calculating the staff payroll and playing Tuga the Sea Turtle on Nick Jr. That's Math and Environmental Science all wrapped up in one. We could pay them with skittles under the table and they could get an early start on their pensions. By the time they are seniors in High School, they'll be ready to retire from government service so we won't really have to fold them into the already bloated work force. Brilliant, just brilliant!

So easy, even a 1st grader can do it!


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Yep, I stationed those girls on the balcony above. (:-))

I know the secret, as mentioned before, of how to quit painlessly. Sorry we didn't have time to go over it Friday evening, but you two come over on Wed and I will teach it to you then.

Meanwhile, be sure to read today's (Sunday) Tribune. There is an article about an SDA clininc on how to stop smoking. I was going to reprint it here but it is kind of long for a post reply.

I'm betting my system is better. And so simple too.

Thanks for dating at Porky's!!

Pragmatic Plato said...

may i get a link to my blog?

Boni said...

Yes you may

glend558 said...

BONI: Do you seem to get all the photos from my blog? Bruce tells me he don't get pictures on his computer when he logs on my spot. Just checking. Thanks.

Boni said...

I get all of them when they aren't firewalled by PSS. At home I get them all the time.

glend558 said...

Thank you so much!
1 Q. At Porky's, Were you plugged into Bruces line or were you on a wireless? Maybe Bruce has the problem. Thanks again.

Boni said...

I was on the wifi at Porky's. For once I could tell why everyone was getting tired of waiting for my blog to load. I'm no techy, but there may be a really simple solution to it.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Glen, I still haven't tried loading your blog on one of my Porky's computers. Only the ones here at home. Both of those exhibit the same symptoms. Could be something here. I'll try it at Porky's and will also unlimber my laptop from it's cocoon and try it wireless and see what happens at various venues. I'll report back.