Saturday, July 10, 2010


The newest instructors in Non Violent Crisis Intervention
Seattle, Washington July 2010
I'm a pretty fortunate person. Sure, I've had my share of misfortune in life, but all in all, I've got it great.  I've had an awesome career doing things I love.  I've spent 16 years at GES, been through different administrations and met so many people who have become part of my extended family.  Sometimes I think about what it would be like to do other things.  Sometimes it's exciting to think about starting fresh and other times I fear not being able to catch the same magic that came my way.  I know there are changes on the horizon and I also know that it's counterproductive to worry about what will happen, especially when I should be taking time to enjoy what's right in front of me.  Right now I'm just eager to start a new school year and ready to take on the task put before us. 

What is it with my sister and giving birth when I'm off island?  When her first child, my goddaughter Savannah was born I had just gotten in from a trip and missed the whole thing. So, this time she gave me ample warning and I made sure not to accept any training opportunities during her due date, the second week in July.  It turned out that the very night I came in from my trip to Seattle she was in the delivery room, a whole week and a half earlier than expected! Luckily for me, Wayne drove me straight from the airport to the hospital so I could be there.  Welcome to the world little Aiden, I'm glad you waited for me :)

I remember the day I planted the rose bushes these came from.  There was an improperly planted rose bush in our garden with exposed roots that we needed to uproot.  I cut two stalks from the bushes we pruned because I couldn't bare to see my rose bush thrown away, placed them firmly in the soil and whispered, "I believe in you.  You'll grow and be beautiful."  Wayne smiled at me, but secretly doubted that you could just stick things in the ground like that and expect them to grow.  Don't you think that the most beautiful things sometimes come from the broken and discarded?