Thursday, September 20, 2007

Notes from Papago

A trusted friend confided in me today that a certain Senator told him that all a school needs in order to run properly is a classroom, a good teacher, some books and toilet paper. Three out of four isn't bad. Next time you appropriate the funding, don't forget the toilet paper good Senator.

This Senator's name will remain unmentioned because I refuse to waste my breathe speaking his/her name. I will not waste anymore time thinking about this person either, at least not until election time rolls around again.
All candidates running for election:
Feel free to use my campaign slogan.
I haven't seen anything more creative out there.


Anonymous said...

and folks, please don't say we need Casinos to fund the Toilet Paper in the public schools...


Bruce A. Bateman said...

We need casinos to fund the toilet paper in the public schools.

The 60 million or so they get now from local gov't and uncle Sugar are obviously not enough.

If joeten stores would take fish in trade for the toilet paper then we would not need casinos for that anymore.

We would still need them if we want an economy that is growing instead of shrinking.

The alternative is to defeat gaming at the polls, let the economy continue to nose dive, then there will be many fewer students in school as the population dwindles. That will enable current funding to buy the TP. (Except as the taxpayers and businesses leave, so goes the tax rolls).

Okay, no more controversy.....Boni's orders. She said so!!

Flowers and and boogers.

bradinthesand said...

love the sign. boni, you're just great! when am i going on a date with your family?

Boni said...

YOu probably need to take out a small loan to feed us all:) Maybe one day we will have a great big barbeque at our place.

bradinthesand said...

ooooh, now that's a plan!

Boni said...

Aw....Frik out!