Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Garage Sale!

Tony needs rent money.  
Hope needs braces.  
Peyton needs glasses.  
I could get a night job, but after 6pm my vocabulary consists of "lol" and "he he he".
I could sell off my whopping 12 Onepass miles.
If you got cows, I got cheap sakati.
Anyone wanna buy a left kidney? 

Monday, August 15, 2011

You Can Never Have Too Many

Especially if you're me.  I spent a few years loving green tea Kit Kat, a couple of weeks obsessing over what to make with my first ever bag of matcha, but two yogurt smoothies and one cheesecake later I'm done with it.  Maybe. Some green tea crepes, I think would be nice.  Until my essential oils arrive.  It's all spurned by stuff you can't find on Saipan.  And boredom.

I never had vacations before.  Heck, I never even used to take a break.  Why didn't anyone ever tell me they were so fun? 

If you don't believe me, take all the snacks out of your house during summer break.  Enter havoc.

"Can I go to work with you tomorrow, mommy?"
"I've got meetings all week baby, sorry."  
 "But I need something to read." 
"Pey, did you even read the ones I just bought you?
 "Done, mommy."
 (Not that I'm complaining)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Love You This Matcha

I had planned on resting today, even took my medicine for this icky flu, but a nagging desire to bake a matcha cheesecake came over me, and who am I to deny desire?  So, Nan and I made a quick run to gather our ingredients and I spent yet another afternoon this weekend barefoot and in the kitchen. Here's my recipe, adapted from this recipe, that worked for us!

Crust recipe:
6 tbs cubed and cold unsalted butter
1 - 2 tbs caster sugar (I just used regular granulated)
7/8 cups flour
1 1/2 tbs cocoa powder

* Use a food processor or hand mixer to combine all these ingredients until you get a gritty texture.  Be sure the butter is cold so that you don't end up with a muddy mixture.  You want it to sort of look sandy and feel dry to the touch.

Press the crust mixture firmly into the bottom of a lightly greased pan (9 inch is good) and bake for about 25 minutes at 365 degrees.
Cool the crusts before adding cheesecake filling.

 Cheesecake batter: Preheat your oven to 360 degrees.
16 - 18 oz. cream cheese
1 can sweetened condensed milk (14 oz.)
2 large eggs
3 1/2 tbs matcha (green tea powder)
1/2 cup of chocolate chips (white or milk)
1 tbs unsalted butter

Melt butter and chocolate first and set aside.
Use a handmixer to beat the cream cheese until it's soft, then slowly add condensed milk.
Add the eggs one at a time.
Combine a cup of this cream cheese mixture to the chocolate mixture and save it for later.  This will be what you use to create the swirls in your cheesecake.

Add matcha into the remaining cream cheese mix.  We put ours in a tbs at a time so that you don't get dark green spots.  Whisk until all the matcha is incorporated into batter.

Pour your batter into the cooled pan and use a spoon to drop dollops of your chocolate mixture randomly into the pan. Use a butter knife to make pretty swirls.  You might want to drop the cake pan carefully on the counter a few times to get trapped air bubbles out.  Wrap the sides of the pan with foil to avoid the cheesecake spilling over while it's cooking.  Put your cake in a water bath (I just added 1 1/2 cups of water to a large pan) and bake for 40 minutes at 360 degrees.

Super Important: As soon as you take your cheesecake out of the oven, run a butter knife along the edges of the pan so that it won't crack as it shrinks.  It'll start shrinking almost immediately and if you don't do this, it will just stick to the edges and look like an earthquake hit it.  Cool it on counter and then refrigerate. Try and keep yourself from eating it before it's cold.
This green tea cheesecake is Peyton approved!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's My Retirement Plan? Pajama Blogging. That's not very grown up, I know.

I'm thinking about retirement.  Not because I'm 40.  Just because I can.  Not because I'm unhappy.  Just because I can.  Not soon, but in time because I can, I can, I can.  I can be anything I want to be because I already did what I had to do.  So now the possibilities are endless, or at least more varied, like M&Ms.  Did you know M&Ms now come in Coconut?

I could make organic snacks.  Dried okra chips and avocado smoothies.
I could create the island's first margarita scented anti-bacterial, non-greasy mosquito repellant. Who wants to smell like Happy Hour? Oooh, me, me, ME!
I could open a Halo Halo shop and put all kinds of local yummies in it like bocayo, mango balls  and lemmai bits.  It would be a Håfa Håfa. 

Or, I could blog in my jammies allllll day long and no one would know.  Except you ;)