Sunday, September 2, 2007


Every once in a while I get letters from an old classmate and still good pal who is currently serving in Iraq. I haven't been too good at writing, but I try to send an email off every now and then to let him know that all of us '89ers are still praying for him and his comrades over there. It's good to see that Mike still has a sense of humor. He's kept up with what's happening here and on the mainland, and seems to have maintained a positive outlook.

Sometimes he cracks me up:

How many people get to say that they have a corner office over a 100,000 acres of space?
Sometimes he scares me:

Well it's been the same here in Iraq scorching hot (119 degrees today), people still killing each other, Soldier trying to stay alive and keeping my head down.
Sometimes I don't know what to write back. Like today:

we lost a handful of good Soldiers. Some of which were my men. Kind of hard to deal with events like these.
The best thing we can do is pray. Would you continue to pray for Mike and all the soldiers still at war with me? He has a wife and kids, family to go home to, just like everyone else there. Sadly today, many families will be dealing with terrible news of those not going home alive. Let's pray for them too.