Friday, September 21, 2007

THE II&I Award

The winner of the most inane, irrational and inflammatory comment goes to the boonieman!

The comment: "U look pretty hot for a dude"

Consolation prizes go to everyone else who commented yesterday.
Thanks go out to everyone who refused to snub me, especially Melissa, Bruce, Lex, James, and Glen.
Special recognition goes to Tami for making up the most rumors about me in one post.
I will be e-mailing the deleted comments to boonieman before lunch ends today.


Tamara said...

Rumors???What rumors?? Everything I said was true..I swear! ha ha ha...all in good fun! Hope I at least made you laugh..ha ha...Have a great weekend!

Boni said...

You too:) I hope you get to go fishing!

saipanboonieman said...

woot! woot! im the weiner!

since it is an "austerity holiday", and since i am essentially non-essential to this island's government, Boni's deleted comments are up for sale..... cash, paypal, or m.o. only! (paypal, please add 3% paypal fees to your total)

Boni said...

I am mortified! That was so low. Shame on you. May the ivy gourd give you rashes in the booniest parts! May the sakati rise up to meet you as you squat to relieve yourself!

Saipan Writer said...

What's sakati?

Boni said...

Sakati is sword grass. Cows like it and goats like it, but Billy Bob has a very distinguishing tongue and he hates it.