Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wasn't Me!

There is a less than tasteful letter circulating through emails, supposedly from PSS Principals. It is both Bondlike and Cowardly Lionish at the same time. The letter, if you got it, will self-destruct in about a week, cannot be saved, printed, or even converted into a PDF file. Very clever huh? Well, not if you have a camera. Anyway, who is this undercover "visionary, inspirational leader" who is being ignored? Who knows?! I have very little respect for anyone who prefers to remain anonymous and thinks they can still affect change. Some may argue that the fear of retribution is preventing this person from speaking up. While fear is a legitimate emotion, bashing people to make yourself feel better is not. In the words of Gandhi "fear has it's use, but cowardice has none."

On the record: many principals, including myself do not endorse this letter and have no knowledge of who wrote it. I am a very hard-headed person, and have probably wasted many principals' meetings locking horns with our COE while my colleagues mutter under their breath "not again Boni - just let it go", but I swear WASN'T ME!

Poor soul, you think that the e-mail is a metaphor something bigger?
Hey, Mr. Cowardly Spy:
Do you want to self-destruct? Deep down inside? You do, don't you?
You're self-destructing in your heart aren't you?
(Do your best Ben Stiller "Night at the Museum" face here)

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