Saturday, May 26, 2007

A build-a-bear! A build-a-bear!

Anna and Brandon: Thanks to you, Peyton's wonderful fairy godparents, Hope can stop worrying that her build-a-bear will get bearnapped while she sleeps. I always wondered what kind random note a six year old would leave, but I guess I'll never find out since Peyton is in build-a-bear heaven now. You know, with the gas prices and CUC rates nowadays, we probably wouldn't have been be able to pay that ransom, so we are forever indebted to you.
I've been thinking about this weight loss thing a lot lately. 25 pounds. 25 pounds. Sommer weighs about 25 pounds. The sack of rice is 25 pounds. I wonder if Billy Bob weighs 25 pounds. I'd have to lose the equivalent of Billy Bob? I have to actually shed the equivalent of a small human being! I guess this is what it means to really lose yourself...

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