Saturday, May 5, 2007

Who's googling Stanley Torres?

NO! Please...googling people has it's place, but not for background checks and definitely not for I.D. checks. Someone could be googling your life right now and if they get your blog - cool! But, if they get your I.D., you're spit up the creek if you know what I mean. Don't take it for granted that we live on a tiny island in paradise. If you're on the computer right now (look to see if you are), then you could be a victim. It's really as easy as that. Then some fat guy on a dirty couch drinking beer and scratching his hairy chest could be ordering himself a new pair of Ginsu Knives with your credit card. You can get a free identification theft check until May 15th. After that, it's $10 bucks baby. Shoot Tony an email and he'll hook you up!

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