Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ed's Letter

Ed spent his morning writing from his heart. He had decided that he could not sit back any longer and watch as our CNMI's natural beauty and resources get pillaged. Here are some of his words.

Am I the only one who is mad as hell about the 1,500 gallons of sludge dumped in to the sewer line near Saint Jude Church? Probably not, but it angered me so much I felt compelled to write about it at 3:00 a.m. this morning. Someone out there has to know who did this!

The dumping of 1,500 gallons of used oil has nothing to do with our failing economy. Rather, it has everything to do with a thug’s total disrespect for the health and welfare of our island and our people. This is not just an environmental violation; this is a crime against humanity. What is the penalty for dumping 1,500 gallons of used oil? If it is how our justice system normally works, it’ll likely be a petty fine, probation, and a slap on the wrist. At most, our judges will tell them what they did was wrong, yada yada yada, give credit for any jail time served, and voila!, the thug will be out and about, ready to commit other atrocities and crimes against mother nature.

In his letter, which I hope gets publicized soon, he talks about the need for everyone to stand up and not just say something, but do something. Ed is right. Many of us are too complacent. If our CNMI is to change, it will have to be with the collective effort of everyone who has a stake in the environment, economy, education, health and human welfare of our entire community.

Everyone has a responsibility to stand up for what is right. If you are so moved, then it is also time to speak up in the midst of disapproving eyes. Big government and corruption needs to be eradicated. Ed, please print your letter. When you are ready, maybe next Wednesday, we are here to help you find your voice. And, there are many people to stand beside you and create a change. For a copy of his letter, send me an email or leave a comment.

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Saipan Writer said...

I saw his letter in the newspaper today. I was really glad he wrote it. I, too, was outraged by the dumping of used oil into our sewer system.

I expected Angelo to blog on it. I thought there'd be a hue and cry. And then I realized that I, too, hadn't said anything.

So I'm glad that Ed let loose. I am "cheering from the sidelines."