Sunday, May 20, 2007


Dominique: She taught at the college the first year I got back from San Diego. She had a beautiful smile and spirit. My husband was in Okinawa, on his last unaccompanied tour with the Marines. She gave me a lot of encouragement while I worked, went to school and tried to raise a 9 month old son alone. I remember the day she found out. She took off all her jewelry and gave it to Celine, her daughter. She prepared herself from the very start. She was never one to back down. It took a few years, but she never lost her courage or her beauty. I miss you Dominique.
Uncle Charlie: He said he'd be gone for a couple of weeks. Just a concern, need to get a second opinion. He left two messages on my office phone, then he came by to ask if we'd watch Akieva. He only gave her enough snacks for two weeks. He'd be back soon, he said again. He was gone in three days. Tony and I loved him dearly and miss him daily.
Dad: After chemo and treatment, he is okay - the cancer is gone. It is not over though, it is never over. Don't wait for the appointment, cancer doesn't wait for appointments. Always be vigilant.


Ch! said...

I wish that I was there to walk with you!! I miss you much!!

BoReGo said...

Thanks sis. You know you need to start a blog so we can all see what's happening. It will give you a chance to not just post your pictures, but share your thoughts. Hey- I dare you!

CH! said...

You just had to do that, huh? Ok when I get the chance to actually sit down and work on a page, then I will but right now let me get into the grove of working again. Yup, yup I am a working momma again. Will chat with you later. Miss you!! Love you!!