Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sunday Outings

Tony, Sommer and Peyton braving the heat

Just give them the cotton candy and no one will get hurt

We got included in a group picture! Thanks Cinta!

Peyton and mommy

The Gomez girls: Ha'ani, Kalani and Leilani


CNMI Blogger said...

Nice pix, Bon!

Hope you all had a blast at the Flame Tree Arts Festival. I had a blast, but maaaannnn... I'm a tired puppy!

Speaking of, no--you may not bring your pet goat and pass him/her off as a dog at the Boonie Pet Show next Saturday! LOL!

A bunch of us will be hanging out at the beach behind Aquarius Beach Hotel at 4 p.m. tomorrow afternoon (Austerity Friday) to watch the sun set and say so long to George. (His son Brandon won the grand prize at the BC Anniversary/Fundraiser.) If you're free, join us and bring something to throw on the bbq. :)

BoReGo said...

Thanks Cinta, we did. Next time though, absolutely no cotton candy!