Saturday, May 12, 2007

Because I'm Still Pissed Off

One more thing about GCA's lease extension and rental decrease, because I'm still pissed off. They didn't give them a break because they "alleviate overcrowding in our public schools". They got a break because some parents who have a stake in the rate of tuition don't want to pay higher fees next year. Their kids go to private school and they are protecting their own interests. The $7,500 yearly rate they used to pay for both the sanctuary and school is about what the local government gives certain schools to operate a quarter! And, they now pay only 2% of the fair market value! I wonder what the real fair market value really is, and whether or not the zoning board might be interested in developing that area for the tourist market. Yikes! That would be completely out of the question since only G.E.S. can be sacrificed. After all, what contributions has G.E.S. made to our community? Besides it's students' involvement in community sponsored events, inter-agency collaboration, nationally recognized events, locally sponsored activities, high student performance, building local capacity and providing education to ALL (did you hear me?), ALL students regardless of socio-economic status, race, ethnicity or ability level? Gee, I wonder too where the priority is here.

To be fair, I have nothing against GCA. Pastor Ray married Tony and I and dedicated all of our children. We've known most of the teachers and staff by name, even though we don't attend church there anymore. My brothers went to GCA, my son did too for a short period. GCA in my heart, will always be family. I am grateful for their part in spreading the gospel through their curriculum and church.

My beef is with our legislators. I wish for once, I could hear our government leaders speak about the public school system with the same pride and support as the private schools. Did Governor Fitial even mention Education in his State of the Commonwealth address? I am feeling like we need a change of leadership here. Out with the old and in with the new, not to say that young people are the "new". New ideas, not the same "good ol' boy" mentality, not more wasteful spending, not more Local Hotline Connections and secret handshakes. Election may not be coming up for all our elected officials, but campaign season has already started in my book. I'm taking scrupulous notes guys.

Stole the pic from a new blog I found from Cinta's site. It seemed appropriate. Check it out!


Marianas Life said...

WTF. i remember last year when fitial said he had an investor interested in hopwood. i thought, great, tear it down, but build the new and improved school first before we're evicted, which isn't how it would go down.

and....meanwhile, everyone's on pins and needles, will Fitial veto the 2nd bill exempting PSS? If he does, what next? and what the F$%% is he waiting for? Is he calling PSS"s bluff? We don't have our 90 day notices. And i'm the contact person for potential hires for hopwood from Ramon and Charley's recruiting efforts. I'm the welcome wagon, so to speak. What do I say when they ask about the economy and the layoffs? Duh...I don't know.

BoReGo said...

You tell 'em the truth because someone has to. I'm glad the recruiting efforts went well, but we were sold as a tropical paradise (true) with no cares in the world (false). I am just exhausted and not sure where I'll find the strength to fight this fight, but I will.

Jeffrey C. Turbitt said...

Can I come to the next family bbq? Should be fun.

Sen. Pete P. Reyes echoed the joint committee's belief, saying the same argument applies to the issue of rental reduction.

“Imagine if GCA's students moved to PSS. What we are losing in rental payments is peanuts compared with the cost of accommodating 363 students in the public schools. We would need to build more classrooms and hire more teachers.

“We shouldn't worry about minuscule problems, when the existence of GCA has been a tremendous benefit to the CNMI. They're doing us a favor by just existing, by taking care of children that we would have a problem accommodating in the public schools,” Reyes said.

BoReGo said...

Senator Reyes got an earfull at the mother's day brunch.