Wednesday, April 4, 2007

To whoever hit my car and just took off:

Look here buddy. I don't know you and maaaybe you don't know me, but what you did is just plain WRONG and I just want you to know that you should be ashamed of yourself.

Because of you, my car, which I just bought in October has been dinged and scratched. All this while I was innocently grocery shopping at Dan Dan Joeten with my daughter.

You could have at least come in and told me you scratched my car up. We could have worked something out, you know. I'm not that hard to talk to. But, NOOOOO, you backed into my car and drove away like the weekend was calling your name - without a care in the world about what you did. You know pretty darn well that my chances of finding you are slim and so do I. Just remember this my friend: God is not sleeping and what goes around always comes way back around and bites you in the butt so much harder and deeper than you could ever imagine fangs could dig!

Even after what you did, I don't wish anything horrible on you. Like me, you were probably short on cash and worried about how much it would cost. So, I forgive you even though we haven't met (because you didn't own up to your &*^&*)! I do hope that you have trouble sleeping at night sometimes. Next time, please have the decency to say you're sorry, even if you can't fix things. If by chance you didn't know you hit me (clearing my throat here), please do the respectable thing and call me. It's the honest good citizen thing to do, and who knows, I could even be wrong about you.


Anonymous said...

Dang, that sux! Wow, I admire you for forgiving that person. It takes a big heart to overlook when others did us wrong. Sadly, these words that I'm typing won't fix your car or help pay for it. Man, that just sux. Sorry to hear about your car Boni. :(

BoReGo said...

Sorry about your car too Steve. Mine is a superficial problem and I can still drive it. I am grateful for what I have, but wish people would just be decent you know? Thanks for the sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Boni. It was just a matter of time for my car since it's old. It did the best it could and just couldn't do it anymore. :(

As for wishing people to be decent. Oh yes, absolutely. I think as a society, we've gotten into that terrible habit of "sense of entitlement", "give me", and "I want it now." We've forgotten what it is to be polite, respectful, and honorable.