Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I've Gone Out To Find Myself

If I should return before I get back,
Don't let me leave!

My husband started his own business recently. AMG Consulting was built from the ground up in a humble little home in the middle of Papago. He does these pre-employment screenings, reference checks and background investigations. No, he's not a private eye and doesn't hang out in dark alleys taping secret liasons - as far as I know. But, last night he did do this awesome check for me, on myself. I just wanted to know if anyone had ever stolen my identity. It happens to more people than we think, you know? Thankfully we found nothing except my maiden name and nickname. It was kind of sweet reminiscing about where we'd been before moving here, we saw the little one bedroom studio I had before we got married and our first apartment in El Cajon. Anyway, if you've ever wondered about this kind of stuff, give him a call. Sure, this post is blatantly neptotistic, but I know the owner and I can get you a really good discount! (wink)

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