Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hookt on fonics rilly werks!

I think the bottom says "crew", but I can't figure out the what the top is supposed to mean. All joking aside, this kind of vandalism really irritates me because it's pretty safe to say kids are doing this and KIDS all go to SCHOOL, and I WORK at a SCHOOL, AND WE DON'T TEACH OUR KIDS TO BE IRRESPONSIBLE! IT JUST ISN'T ANYWHERE IN OUR E.S.L.R.S OR MEGASKILLS!

Now, I know we may not have enough money for writing paper, but this is ridiculous. It's all over the island now. It makes me wonder where these kids' parents were and who bought the spray paint. Aren't retail stores not supposed to sell spray paint to minors?

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Saipan Writer said...

The other two frequent graffiti comments on walls these days in Saipan are "blaze" and "books"! Blaze, I think, could be a name (monniker, alias, pseudonym, whatever!). But the first time I saw "books" on a wall I nearly spit fire. It seemed almost sacriligious to use a word I love as a graffiti comment!

We need a skate park. We need a mural project. We need more activities for kids. jmho.