Saturday, April 7, 2007

My How They've Grown

It was almost four years ago Peyton gave up her binky. We had a Bye-bye Binky Party and retired her precious "binchy-ko" in a fitting tribute complete with song and a feast. Tony Jr. had his thumb. Hope, well Hope never had attachment issues as a child. It's a different story now that she's 11. With the advent of text messaging, we'll have to surgically remove her cell phone from her right palm. But, that's another story. Last night, we had a Bye-bye Baba party for Sommer, who is now 2 1/2 and a very big girl. It is probably my fault that she's had her bottle for so long. She is our last baby and somehow that gives me the mommy given right to keep her in diapers and prolong her baba attachment. Okay, so you're not buying it either. I surrender.

So, last night, we gathered at the dinner table, sang a "Happy No Baba" song, clapped to celebrate Sommy being a big girl now and ate ice cream. Get it? Sommy is a big girl now. Ice cream is not baba, but it is still dairy. Okay, only I get it. I made a speech about how Sommer didn't need her baba and Sommer clapped after every testament of her maturity. It was great.


CH! said...

Time has gone so fast. Miss so much being away from all. Thanks for all the wonderful update and pictures you post. To Ton, Jr., Hope, Peyton...we miss and love you all. Sommer...Nino & Nina love you and please don't ever forget us.


CNMI Blogger said...


These kids are simply, SIMPLY adorable!