Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This is my kind of promotional ceremony

Hope and Zalika: friends since the 1st grade

Born with a full head of straight black hair that stood on end, but has since turned light brown and curly, Hope Leilani entered this world screaming! She is outspoken, frighteningly adventurous and the only one of our four children who did not need a security object. She's off to Jr. High now and out of my immediate view at GES. I can't wait for our conversations to change and our relationship to evolve.

We held our promotional ceremony at World Resort. The students came in their swim wear and got to celebrate their transition into junior high school exactly the way they wanted to. There were so many pre-teen hormones in that water park today, we might have created our very own fountain of youth. Congratulations Hopie Daisy, we love you!


Saipan Writer said...

So is Hope headed to Hopwood?

CH said...

Please give her a huge hug and kisses and tell her that we said CONGRATULATIONS!!from all of us here in Houston Texas!!

Miss you guys!

BoReGo said...