Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blogger Meet Up #6

It was the biggest blogger meet up ever, and we were still missing Jeff, Jane, Melissa, Cinta, Gus, and Mike. Two new blogs were created while waiting for everyone to show up : Stakeholders Speakup and Halloran in Saipan (forgive me for the spelling). Angelo stood up and greeted everyone and then he made us introduce ourselves. Did he not read about my social anxiety? I know there are more bloggers out there. C'mon guys, show yo' selves! I'm talking about you Glen, Middle Road folks, Captain Carl, etc. Speaking of bloggers, there are more than enough of us to get Deece a new camera. What say you all?

Miwa and Steve were there with
their camera. I cannot stop thinking about that darn camera! Steve started teaching Hope how to resize her pictures, but in a little while we couldn't tell who was teaching who. That's my girl and the youngest blogger on Saipan!

I missed the WWII, and didn't realize it until Deece showed up. I was the first guess this time, but I'm not very confident about it. I think Steve and Miwa did some kind of mojo on me 'cause after the starfruit, I have absolutely no game at all. Bev and Deece finally met in person. Whew, now that leaves me and Melissa. Next blogger meet up is the last Wednesday in July folks. Angelo has promised there will be chicken nuggets. Just 'cause Jeff is gone doesn't mean we all didn't want some nuggets!

Party girl recruitment post: Isa CNMI, Bubbles, EJ's World, Beyond Behaviors, supporter

Nerd Stew

The Blogger Powerfist by the real youngest blogger on Saipan!


Jeff said...

They changed the way they make the nuggets, so I'm less of a fan now.

Saipan Writer said...

I was there in spirit, I swear.

Last Wednesday in July? I will be packing my suitcase to come back, but don't fly until the 26th. I'm gonna miss that one, too.

On the plus side, my script will be DONE. I'm at 14,500 words now. Script Frenzy ends June 30, and I'm determined to have 20,000 words by then.

(And possibly never write again, it's so-o-o-o bad!)

Anonymous said...

Boni: Miwa thinks you're a riot. She loves your funny, goofy, and friendly ways. Geez, you guys should be best buddies or something. Gansta posers!

BoReGo said...

Jeff the chicken nugget connoisseur? Jane: stop reminding me of script frenzy, mine would have been horrible ! Steve: I love Miwa, I can't believe you hid her away for so long. What's wrong with you Texans?

Bev said...

Nice pics! May I "borrow"?! =) Good to see ya last night and I"m so glad you brought Hope!

Anonymous said...

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CNMI Blogger said...

Hey, Borego, now that you mention it, Gus and I would've been there, except we're trying to organize a Little League All Stars fundraiser for this Saturday!

So how about cruisin' by the Koblerville Substation (right off the main road in Koblerville, between Coral Ocean Point intersection and Han Nam)between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., buy yourselves a $5 plate of yummy food, and listen to Gus' band Olomwaay perform? You'd be supporting a worthy cause. All proceeds will go to the Little League All Stars who will be representing the CNMI in Hong Kong next month. See you there!

Harry Blalock said...

Aren't those maps fun Boni? It's cool to see where in the world you have readers, and as you accurately mentioned, a little spooky at times. I have somebody across the street from the White House on mine, so I'm really trying to behave myself.

Melissa said...

I'm THERE the next one, I swear... I was busy nursing my poor pitiful dog back to health. And carrying her up and down the staors constantly so she doesn't pee in my house! But man, what a turn-out!

BoReGo said...

Harry: I have the same guy in D.C. and I'm getting real paranoid right now. Those little red schoolhouses at the NCLB Headquarters scare me.
Melissa: You had a good reason, Scarlett needed you more.
Bev: there's a saying in education - beg, borrow and steal (Harry Wong)!
Cinta & Gus: You guys are so busy and doing great things for kids.

bigsoxfan said...

I'm afraid the closest the "real youngest Blogger on Saipan" gets to blogging is sitting on my lap, while using the laptop for its real intended purpose. ie. a drum set. That isn't a protest sign so much as a "blogger power fist" We had a great time, learned a lot, and the stimulating surroundings put the boy to sleep for the ENTIRE night. Looking forward to the MP magazine. Bloggers break out into the ....?

BoReGo said...

bigsoxfan: I'm glad we could help put baby to sleep. In my house that's extra mommy and daddy time:)