Saturday, June 9, 2007

Flower Power

I've been trying to get a garden started, so I've visited every plant stand and nursery I can find. Last weekend I went to a commercial nursery owned by some very well known people. I bought a teeny weeny purple border shrub (clueless about names) for $5. Yup, I too thought it was outrageous, but bought it anyway, the whole time cursing under my breath that it was really a weed, albeit a very pretty one, and how could anyone sell a weed for $5?

Today, I found a little nursery in San Antonio called D' little garden, run by a very sweet lady named Dhez. The same shrub at her place only cost $1! And, she said that was only that expensive because she had to make a profit! Needless to say, Dhez just found herself a loyal customer. I won't mention the name of the other place, not because I don't want them to make any money, but because I want your money to go farther. Enjoy the pictures!

Five for the price of one, I got took folks!

Dhez is really nice and doesn't make faces when you ask her questions.

It doesn't look like much, but this beauty is a vine, and when in full bloom, it is absolutely breathtaking. Dhez won't sell it yet because she's propogating it, but I'll be waiting.

There are fish in there!
Flowers from our own garden


Deece said...

Good luck with your garden. I'd love to see how it progresses.

BoReGo said...

Thanks Deece. I'm really bad though, I've been known to kill aloe vera:) Do you have a green thumb?

marianas life said...

i had a nice porch garden when we lived at facey farm (shade helps :) and ready access to water!! i always forget to water. my grama will pass up a grandchild's b'day party for her garden. she is amazing. i want to start an edible garden at hopwood. dhez teaches there too. thanks for the remind to visit her shop.

Deece said...

Not at all. I killed my lemoncita tree. My sister nursed my papaya tree back to life. My mint and basil are doing ok, but I often forget to water them.

Saipan Writer said...

Years ago, before I moved on family land where my bro-in-law has free-range goats (who eat everything!), I used to get my plants and trees at the ag center in Kagman. They had loads of stuff and it was all cheap and beautiful. And in October, "arbor" month, they'd give away free trees (one or 2 to a customer). I still love that place.