Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's about time Wak-Wak!

Look who's finally here. Welcome to your family little Nolan. We will be here for you whenever you need us and you'll soon find out that you'll have to shake us off you sometimes. It's a great family kiddo, full of laughter. You'll have lots of aunts and uncles who will try to spoil you, and cousins to climb trees and jump in the mud puddles with. Your grandma will feed you large amounts of chocolate when we are not looking, so be careful. Take it from me, she is the candy stasher in the family. Your mommy is sweet, pretty and she is really cool. Your nina Jay is in California, but she has been eagerly awaiting your homecoming and if you look around your room, almost everything you've got came from her and your uncle Niel. Put a good word in for me at Christmas time will ya? Nana, Tata and uncle Charlie aren't here anymore, but I know they're smiling from heaven. I am your auntie Boni, your grandma raised me and taught me how to share, clean, and always find the good in people. She has the most amazing capacity to love and she would give the roof over her head to anyone who needed it. I would never have made it through the hard times without her. We are so happy that you are here little Nolan, baby Wak-Wak. Oh yeah, everyone in this kooky family has a love name, so that's yours. You will just have to live with it, it's one of the perks of being in this wild and crazy family.

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