Sunday, June 24, 2007

Help Si' Deece Fan

Come on guys! Deece needs 7 more folks to help her get a new camera. The toaster reflections, the WWII duct tape, these are all signs of a woman in crisis here. It takes about 5 minutes and didn't cost me a dime. If you don't do it to be a good friend, do it for the boƱelos and mango jam (hint, hint).


Deece said...

See Boni, that's why you're awesome! Thanks!

I checked on my cameras4free account, and it isn't showing yet that you have completed an offer. It should show soon though.

Oh, and the distortion series of photos (the one you posted here), those are reflections in an electric water kettle. But I do have a few reflections in a toaster. :-)

Deece said...

Oh, and hint taken. I don't think I'll have time to make anything to bring to this month's blogger meetup, but I'll try to bring a little something next month. ;)

BoReGo said...

Now I'm worried. I clicked on the "completed this offer" button right after I got approved. Please let me know!