Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Think I'll Keep My Day Job

I spent the early morning talking about blogging on the Harry Blalock Show with Angelo and Jeff. Well, maybe talking is not the word for it. I must admit I was nervous, especially because I know I'm a much better writer than speaker, which really doesn't mean I'm any good at all. I rolled in at 6:45 am and waited anxiously for my fellow bloggers. Harry asked basic questions which Angelo and Jeff both took the lead in answering quite eloquently. I just sort of sat there and giggled. All the witty and profound things I had planned to say evaporated at the sight of the microphone. Oh well, there goes my future in broadcasting.

I did get a chance to redeem myself later that morning when I did an online tour of the GES school blog at the Principal's Institute. I will be networking with Dr. Pascarelli and some principals on Guam this Saturday to help them start their own professional blogs. Ironically, when I googled the good Dr. Joe, my blogsite was #3 on the search engine list. Anyway, they want to find out how blogging can help them stay in touch with each other and administrators worldwide. Dr. Joe wants to explore ways to share information with his students while he is traveling. I offered to teach them in person, but oh well, what with the funding and all.... As for my colleagues here on Saipan, I would be more than happy to help anyone start their own blog.

Reminder: The Blogger Meet-Up is this Wednesday at Java Joe's at 7pm. So, if you aren't doing anything, stop by and pull up a chair. We can make fun of all things "Angelo" and since Jeff won't be there, we can divide his share of chicken nuggets.


Jeff said...

You were fine. Don't be so hard on yourself.

BoReGo said...

It was fun, too bad I missed the breakfast.

Jeff said...

Plus it's hard to talk with two loudmouths like Angelo and me in the room.

Deece said...

You did great!

Anonymous said...

Man, sorry I missed the show this morning. I'm sure you did just fine. That's awesome that you were able to share with the principals about blogging! I think blogging is a very powerful tool that can be very applicable in schools and classrooms.

BoReGo said...

Thanks everyone. The radio was fine, but sharing with my colleagues was real fun.
Jeff: You guys are not loudmouths, just very informed and very concerned active citizens:)