Thursday, June 14, 2007

"More people died last year from eating spinach" and other excuses for smoking pot

Me and Jeff actually disagree on something, I love it!

Some really good friends of mine said, after they quit smoking weed:
"It's really nice to actually remember what I did the day before"
"Gee, now I know exactly where I put my keys"
"I'm so much more active and able to really attend to the kids"
"I don't walk around looking like I've just had a labotomy anymore"

Then two seconds later ('k so I'm exxagerating) with a roach in their hands:
"but like, the smartest people I know smoke" (like after the 4th drink everyone looks sexy?)
"but like, you can smoke and drive, but you can't drink and drive" (NOT! help me here Melissa)
"but like, it really relaxes me" (so does being unconscious)
"but like, it doesn't affect my memory and also, that stuff about memory? Not me." (uh-huh)

And, I'm thinking to myself:
"Dude, your kid is with the maid and you're getting stoned...WTF?"
"Dude, the most pressing thing on your agenda is getting stoned...WTF?"
"Dude, you don't impress me when you slur and um, did you notice that your conversations are reverting to 11th grade speak?"
"Dude, finish your sentence already and wipe that grin off your face, did I sssay something funny?"

Not impressed. Not convinced. And though marijuana itself is harmless (meaning marijuana sitting on a table doesn't have any kung fu moves, my lazy, irresponsible, and totally deluded friends (who I love to death) are not. Why am I not afraid I'll offend them? Well you see, right now they're probably too stoned to care. Ha! Bring it!


Jeff said...

Anyone who does anything to excess will suffer. If you gamble, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, have numerous sexual partners or down too much sugar, all legal and more harmful vices, you'll have issues as well, so why the jihad against marijuana. I'm not advocating marijuana as a positive activity, just a vice people should be free to indulge like the ones I mentioned above. Look at the junk food being pushed in the schools, look at the diabetes rate, and tell me if marijuana is the real problem.

BoReGo said...

Yup. And I could write a hundred other posts on all the different behaviors that irk me. I guess I know too many potheads to be unbiased about this one. Very few of them impress me. I decided to jump on this soapbox because of them. Guess I just love them too damn much to watch them do this to themselves day after day.

Melissa said...

I can only help you to clarify that to drive stoned and drunk can get you the same penalty in court... I know better than to bite the hand that feeds me. ;)

(BUT, send me an email, or we'll go out for a drink, which I think we're way overdue for, by the way... and I'll tell you what I think about all of it!)

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

You girls should go out and smoke a fatty!