Monday, June 11, 2007

Sexy is in the eye of the blogholder

So Angelo started this poll and we all got into it right? It's over now, and I don't feel or look any sexier than I did before it started even though I "won". Shazam really won because they got a date with the Beach Boy. Now someone is coming to my defense for something that was truly misunderstood (love ya too Shazams) and there's a blogscussion going on at the Middle Road. The poll was all in fun and though I feel squeamish about voting for a fellow chic-ster, I'll tell you that it was a toss up between Melissa, Jane and Deece. Melissa and Jane because lawyers are hot! Deece won out because new mommies who can still work, manage a household, nurture her two babies and keep a sense of humor are outright sexyyyyyy! So, my fellow chicken-kelaguin-butt-Boni-loving friends probably tipped the scales regardless of the fact there there are soooo many sexy female bloggers out there. Thanks Reveler, for the bid to get a date for me and my sexy-in-his-own-right hubby, but it's ok. He's out on the forests of North Carolina right now on annual training. I got a smile out of it all, especially Jeff's associating me with the Kennedy's. Nobody should be furious because we are all downright G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS! Peace ya'll, give it up for your sexy selves!


Deece said...

Whoop whoop!

BoReGo said...

That's why I like you so much Deece! You're so awesome!! Whoop Whoop!!!