Friday, August 1, 2008

You What? What do you mean you ate your purse?

I'm doing it Brad and Kat! I'm going to start the Master Cleanse this Sunday. I'm a little apprehensive about it, after all, I've only really lasted about 4 days each time I've ever attempted it. This time I'm shooting for the full 10 days. I want to see if I can't clear the toxins out of my body, plus it'll be uber cool to refuse food and drink. I envision myself whispering behind my dark shades, "No man, can't, detox you know".

I'm not pigging out before the cleanse, but I am giving myself some flexibility in eating. I remember enough to know that even if I get all my favorite foods out of the way, any bit of food will "lead me into temptation". Hell, the leather on your purse starts to smell like prime rib after a while. Since I won't be eating anything for 10 days, food seems to have an alluring effect on me. I've been taking pictures of lunch, dinner, snacks.

Egg Corn Soup
warm and creamy, sweet and smooth
warms the belly, soothes

Ma Po Tofu Szechuan Style
Named after a pockmarked old lady who didn't have much to cook with,
but you make me happy enough.

SPAM, beautiful SPAM!
never looked and tasted so good!
This is dedicated to Ed.

I started to take my camera out of my purse to take the picture when I looked over at Wayne. Without skipping a beat he arranged the shot for me. I think it has superb balance, don't you? That's when you know someone's a keeper, when they actually think your goofy stuff is adorable.

It has lemon and water in it. OK, and tequila. This is my pre-cleanse easing in drink.
The only difference is I'll be adding some maple syrup and cayenne. Hey, do you think I could do a margarita cleanse instead?

I walked in to the office one morning to find a brand new Starbucks travel mug and some See's candy! Someone knew I was starting the cleanse and made my day with the treats. I'm going to miss my morning coffee and Red Bull most of all I think.

Another addition to my Starbucks mug stash. Angelo brought me a collector's Hawaii City Mug. It's my first and I think I'm going to be starting a Starbucks sub-collection now. If you're visiting a city with a Starbucks, please remember me.
Tonight I'm having some rocky road ice cream, just a bit, for taste. For some reason, I really want some Korean barbecue too. Wayne? Did you hear that? P.S. Wayne's going to be my partner on the cleanse. Wish us luck!
Reasons to start the cleanse
- to dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion in the body
- to cleanse the kidneys and digestive system
- to purify the glands and cells in the entire body
- to eliminate all unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles
- to relieve pressure and irritation in the nerves, arteries and blood vessels
- to build a healthy blood stream
- to keep youth and elasticity regardless of age
Peyton started missing school the very day it ended. When she didn't have homework, she used to make some up herself. She started the first grade reading 6.5 words per minute and ended it with an astonishing 136 WPM! She can't wait for 2nd grade, the buzz of the playground and surprisingly enough, reading and writing. She's been antsy ever since. So, she went to Summer Camp at Fiesta, after weeks of begging. See that smile? Camp ended today. I was reminded how many friends she made and how lovely it was. What to do with the next four weeks is going to be a challenge. Anyone got any ideas?


Saipan Kat said...

My mom did the cleanse for 18 days when she taught at Mt. Carmel. She attempted to do it again but she said she gets headache now because of her age. But I think its because she loves to cook! When I stopped by her house yesterday, I immediately walked to the kitchen and savored the smell of her newly baked empanada. *sob*

Saipan Kat said...

By the way, magarita cleanse sounds fantastic!

bigsoxfan said...

Like your new Blogger roll widget. It does remind me I need to post, but pretty cool to see how everyone is keeping up. I may have to change our start page from Deece' to yours, but then again, we would lose whatever slight advantage we possess (sp?) Good luck with the cleanse thing. I'm going to stick with beer.

Great picture of Peyton, she looks anxious to check out her new world, but still yearns for her mon at the same time. Thanks, the picture reminds me of what I have to look forward to.