Monday, August 18, 2008

And now for some Native American cuisine

This is Jacob Black. He's no vampire, but he's just as swift and keen.
Hey Beachcomber! I found this interesting site on how to look like a Twilight vampire. If you thought no one was safe from bloodsuckers, you were wrong. None of us is safe from commercialism. I've already overheard that kids in Jr. High and High School here are reading Twilight, fascinated with it. Wonder how long it will take before we start seeing some un-dead loitering near the theater.
What Bites II
When someone mentions candle-lit dinners and you cringe, no longer associating them with anything remotely romantic because you've had your fair share of sweaty candlelit share-loaded meals thanks to CUC.


Road-Block Blogger said...

Hey, I still think they are romantic...Lol!

Boni said...

You are infinitely more patient than I am so I'm not surprised.

bigsoxfan said...

yin and yang, a powerful combination. You aren't alone, in the power failure sector, though. We walk the lad in the evenings and are so used to watching the lights suddenly go off as we approroach our apartment. Instant dinner out. Ha, Ha, I should really post this but I'm laughing to hard to use the mouse. Erdene's new weight loss plan is to stop using the clicker and actually get up to change the channel. Pumpkin will help every day as changing channels/volume etc.. and hiding the remote are big on his to do list. Hide the clicker and lose ten pounds. Must write Jenny Craig.

The Beachcomber said...

Twilight is fixing to be a hit it seems but too bad the bookstore is out of copies. I suppose I have had a fascination with blood suckers myself growing up as I recall really liking the movie Lost Boys. The last vampire book I read was The Historian which was long and full of mystery in the body, but had a mediocre ending. Looks like this Jason Black would be comparable to a Lycan in the Underworld arena. Or is he more of a shapeshifter? Interesting about the website. I suppose I’ll see you dressed up accordingly this Halloween. Thanks.

Boni said...

Good luck to Erdene! If this gets big I imagine we'll see the end of remote controls in homes all over the world:) What's she got to lose anyway? She's gorgeous.

Jacob is a shapeshifter of sorts. Now that you mentioned it, I wouldn't mind being undead for a day in October although I thought of strapping myself down with busted lights and calling myself CUC.