Thursday, August 7, 2008

LC Day 5: It's not you, it's me

So I cheated on Wednesday, but Skinny was right it wasn't all I'd made it out to be. I mostly wanted to eat something to get that slimy coat off my tongue. It just felt weird, white and thick. My body didn't take the food well and I decided to finish out the five days or the supply of lemons and maple syrup, whatever came first. I wasn't really hungry, I was just bored and wanted to go somewhere for lunch, be with people, you know. Plus I have to admit, I'm not as invested in this whole cleanse thing as I want to be. I'd like my body to be rid of it's toxins and I want to feel rejuvenated, but I could probably accomplish that through less extreme measures. So, why am I continuing? It's one of my poorer traits, not being able to give up even when I probably should. Stubborn as hell; story of my life. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

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