Wednesday, August 6, 2008

LC Day 4: WWBD

Let me just say that the salt water wash is naaasty. I could only get half a quart down before I started to gag. It’s supposed to start stewing in your belly for 30-60 minutes before you have to hit the great white throne, but my stomach turned all night without the need to ahem. My stomach made noises like when the power just comes on and all the appliances in the house start up. I watched 3 ½ episodes of Sex In The City and then drank four glasses of water and nothing. The book says that if it doesn’t work, you’re supposed to try again, adding or decreasing the sea salt in the wash. No thank you. I’m not doing that again ever.

I’m not so motivated anymore. I kinda wanna master quit this master cleanse. My tongue has been feeing a little slimy. I’m starting to question why the heck I started this journey, I mean how do you measure detoxification? It’s kind of like a puzzle, if you feel like shit your body is eliminating toxins, if you feel great your body has been cleansed of toxins? I feel sort of in the middle, euphoric for hours and then sluggish.

I may eat today although I prepared my LC. The hunger doesn’t start rearing it’s ugly head until mid morning, so maybe by lunch time I’ll be ready for a meal. Maybe. The added weight loss is nice, but not what I wanted to really accomplish. Which makes me wonder why I did this in the first place. Was it just to see if I could do it? Celebrity fad? Wanna be yuppy-hippy fad? Was it to discover some deeply embedded truths about my relationship with food? Was it to create emotional closure for that time in the 2nd grade when Sissy took my sembe from my lunch kit? Who knows. The real question is, what would Beyonce' do?


Jeff said...

Or you just want to be like Brad Ruszala. You two already share the sexiest Saipan blogger crowns.

I had to drink a salt like concoction to clean down below for a medical procedure, and drinking that salt water was way worse than the Kodak up the butt, so I can relate to your revulsion.

Boni said...

I'd forgotten about that. Who doesn't want to be like Brad? That salt wash was definitely gross, I was afraid I'd pickled my insides.