Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What bites

When you realize that it would be cheaper to rent rather than to own your own home and pay for utilities.

When there are six hour power outages and your bill is still more than half of your take home pay.

When candles become part of your regular grocery list.

When eating out is more affordable than cooking at home because the price of rice and spam have gone up.

When saving Engine Two becomes more of a priority than saving the land crabs.


Marianas Pride said...

Land crabs....mmmmm, that sounds really good right now. You bring the land crabs, I'll bring the beer!

Boni said...

Shame on you Propst!

Saipan Writer said...

Good list.

I was chatting with someone about doing something special for Anna's birthday (in June). I had to admit what would be most unusual and special would be if I cooked a homemade meal!

I'm afraid to eat anything I've had in the refrigerator-because of the power outages and problems with the possible changes in temperatures inside.

And I wish I'd never heard of Engine Two (or any of them).

What bites is when you know the CUC trouble desk phone number by heart...

Marianas Pride said...

What bites is when you know it is a waste of time calling CUC's trouble desk.

A response my friend got from a CUC trouble desk "customer service" representative: "You should go buy a generator!"


Biba CUC!

Marianas Pride said...

By the way Bon, these vampire pics are a bit scary. Hmmm, are you and Wayne into neck biting? ;)