Tuesday, August 5, 2008

LC Day 2 &3: superhydration

Day 2 was hard, I was a little weak and by 7pm I was slurring my speech. I got a little bit of the shakes and gurgles, but as soon as bedtime drew near I was better.

I woke up to day 3 in cheerful spirits and have been feeling fine all day. I'm not starving mind you. I just miss being able to sit and chat and chew. Wayne and I went to Oleai's at lunch time and I got to watch him eat some delicious looking quesadillas. I am now making mental note of everything I want to eat next week, if I make it that far. Definitely those quesadillas, spam kelaguin at Dr. Jack's, poke at Naked Fish, Chili at Wild Bill's, a Ruben at Bobby's, ice cream from Himawari, and so on.

I lost a few more pounds according to my liar liar scale, which is nice even though Its mostly water. Speaking of water, I've never been so hydrated in my life! I'm usually defunct in that area, can never get my 8 glasses of water in, but I'm a drinking machine now. Food's been appearing out of nowhere lately, like some cosmic jinx. A friend gave me a couple of squid and lobster he just caught, there are suddenly more snacks in my office than ever before. Shoot, how much you wanna bet the theater has nachos?


Marianas Pride said...


Why are you torturing yourself? You are beautiful from every got the heart and face of an angel.

I think the best thing you could do for yourself is quit smoking cigarettes. Hell, if you quit smoking cigarettes for 30 days, I will quit drinking for 30 days.

Let me know if you are up to it. And this diet sounds strange. Who invented it? The Fitial administration?

bigsoxfan said...

I'm hoping the gang at home knows the number for nine-eleven. Ya know? Beer, darts, ciggies, and betel. It's worked for me over the last forty-odd years. One, two, three, four, lets get mom to the ambulance door. Gotta chant it for the theme to work, but best I can do. Oh. Congratulations to Anthony Jr. Must have been a big thrill to play in a venue the stones will never see.

Boni said...

Ed: It's not that I don't want to quit smoking, it's just that I want to smoke. I tried Zyban a few years ago and it made my ciggys taste so bad I stopped taking them. 30 days huh? I'll think about it. Mark: Very funny, but it really isn't all that bad. I've been weaker. Did you see the goofy berets they made my son wear? The travesty!

Jeff said...

I made Cynthia quit. The patch was a little freaky, but helpful, and having me relentlessly on your case can't be fun, either. If I were still on the island I'd volunteer to be your designated pain in the ass about smoking. If you really want help, fly out to phoenix for a few weeks.