Friday, August 29, 2008

Who needs a Wii?

If it weren't for the power outage the last few chapters of Eclipse would have been rather dull. As it was, the blackout provided the perfect ambiance for my virtual experience - my first vampire war. Oh, it was better so much better than a Wii, I was transported to the middle of Edward's field, right there in the dark with the Cullens and the pack. My eyes burned just as fiercely with loathing. My heart raced with theirs as I too tried to control the volatile mixture of frustration and contempt. I was sweating, drained, wishing it would all end quickly. Just as the newborns approached, I heard a eerie howl pierce through the blackness outside. It came from somewhere in mountains before me. The wind carried the scent of disaster in the air. "This is too good to be true" I thought to myself.

I would have finished the story if the power hadn't come back on at 11:00 pm. Darned electricity, it ruins everything!

Text message from Ed: Do you have power?
Response: Do chickens have nipples? 7:03 pm they?

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Marianas Eye said...

I don't know, but I don't think so. It just doesn't seem like a good design decision to put both nipples and beaks on the same creature.