Monday, August 4, 2008

Lemon Cleanse Day 1: Cayenne sounds a lot like

I did it, woke up this morning feeling good and surprisingly 3 pounds lighter. My scale is old and busted, and the babies like to jump up and down on it, so even though I saw I weighed in 5 lbs. less than I was yesterday, I still don't believe it. I made it through Day 1 with nary a scratch, save a little nick in my index finger from cutting up lemons. That made squeezing them a little tricky. It took about 10 medium sized limes to make 10 tspns of LC. Preparation is quicker when you have good measuring tools, especially a bottle already labeled so you can mix the main ingredients, juice, maple syrup and cayenne. I put the water, already measured into a larger container and just poured the mix in, shook and that was that.

I keep the big bottle in the fridge and then pour it into two little ones all day. If I alternate the little ones, one in the fridge and one in the freezer, I always have a nice cool drink. I like a little bit more cayenne in my LC than the recipe requires. It reminds me of the way I like my tequila shots. Pepper in my salt, salt on my lemon. Yum! No people, there's no tequila in my LC. It's weird, I feel very lightheaded, but not dizzy, just like I'm in slow motion. My heart rate is usually pretty fast, and I'm always warm, but today I feel real mellow. I may start singing some Olivia Newton John soon.

The hardest part about this is not having my coffee and red bull in the morning, but I'll live. I've also noticed that my ciggy's taste yucky, then I remembered that the last time I did this I could barely stand to smoke. Hmmm..maybe this'll help me cut that nasty habit out. It was also very hard to make dinner last night. Not because I wanted to eat, but because I couldn't taste the food I was making for my family. Buckwheat noodles, cut up pieces of leftover fried chicken, veggies and spices. Hope liked it, Sommer said she hated it, Peyton opted for a tuna sandwich, and Wayne said it was really good. When you can't eat a thing, food is always in the way. I went to get my keys in my purse and my hand grazed a snickers bar. It was like touching hot coal. We took our kids out for ice cream yesterday and I lusted over the green tea ice cream. I keep telling myself it's just food and food will always be there. I take a sip of my LC and feel the kick of the cayenne. Say cayenne ten times as fast as you can. It sounds a lot like I can!


Liz Nena said...

Wow!!! That's what I call a challenge! girl...I am excited for you...would love to do LC but ai Bon not me lai sa I love food...and 10 days just sounds such a loooong time. I don't know..maybe one of these days. cheering on for you.

Deece said...

Wow, good for you! Good luck. Maybe I'll give it a try when I stop nursing.

bradinthesand said...

hey liz, then try a 3-day or a 5-day!

Liz Nena said...

hey Brad it's in the plan...maybe a 5 day sound ok (sigh) gosh...I am so nervous even thinking about it. Bon, your last input sounds sooooo painful, you know? The salt drink...Eeewwe ai!