Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When will the madness end?

We read The Great Kapok Tree twice last night. We read it the first time amidst Sommer's tirade of protests. We first had to get her to calm down and stop screaming "I don't like that book!" and then I had to read Beware of Bears three times. After appeasing her, we read for a second time and prepared a list of things we decided were achievable steps to helping our environment. Hope has posted this list on her blog as well.

1. Water our plants regularly so that they are nourished and healthy.
2. Tell others about the importance of trees and plants.
3. Plant more trees.
4. Use both sides of your paper, so you won't waste resources.
5. Recycle and re-use paper for scrap paper.
6. Protect trees, especially old ones from needless cutting down.
7. Reuse grocery bags or bring your own when you shop.

P.S. When this the madness end? Some nights it feels like my head is going to crack open. I wonder how long she can keep it up and just when we think she's all tuckered out, a wail busts loose. Some kids have an enormous capacity to scream and cry. Funny thing is, she stops, smiles and is her chipper self just as quickly. Toddler mania. Anyone research that yet?
Mommy Hint for Tantrum-less Toothbrushing

How do you get a wily child to sit still for toothbrushing? I developed a strategy long ago when Tony Jr. became a toddler. It was so hard to get him to sit still and keep his mouth open long enough for me to get to all the choppers, so I had to get creative. Sommer is hands down the wiliest child we've had. She won't sit still for anything, but brushing her teeth is no problema!

On her way to the sink, Sommer inspects all the beauty products and herself.
Game #1:
Teach your child the vowel sounds (long and short)
E: Eeeeeeee!

A: Aaaaaa!

Game #2 is pretty fun: Get those cavity creeps! It requires lots of noise and drama. Sommer opens her mouth and I get to wield the toothbrush searching out creeps. "Oh! I see one, it's up in the back! Take that you nasty cavity creep! Oooh, there's one in the front, wait, wait! I got you, you yucky creepo! Raaah, he's on your tongue! Not anymore you butt face cavity creep!" She just laughs and laughs and it's a blast for me too!


bigsoxfan said...

thanks for the tips, the pmpkn won't hold still for much either. Funny, before he could roll over, sit up, and crawl he was fine with even the most degrading intrusions, but not now. I'm going to cut and paste your message for when the serious teeth cleaning comes into play and we in serious need of fun creative ideas.

Saipan Writer said...

I always sang with dd. Remember that horrid Barney song ("we're brushing our teeth on top...we never let the water run")? Well, it worked wonders. And a kid singing while teeth are being brushed--sounds like ee-eh-eh-eh-ah-AH-eh-uh.

Boni said...

Singing, hopping, smacking your head on the counter, doing anything wacky or silly seems to help:) It is one of the only times Sommer can be observed in non-motion. As you can see, right after the brushing, she got right back to her antics. I love motherhood!

Bev said...

I love your brushing techniques! I'll have to recommend that to the parents of my kid patients!

saipanboonieman said...

my son loves the raindrops song....

if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops
oh what a rain that would be!

standing outside with our mouths open wide,
oh what a rain that would be!

then you just substitute lemon drops and gum drops for other things ( like snow flakes = oh what a snow that would be!) until your all done!

works for me... :-D

Boni said...

If all the raindrops were hypnotiq and tequila shots, oh what a rain that would be!

Maggie said...

This is GREAT.

Thank you. :)