Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Random, truly random musings

I knew I had a son underneath that jungle of hair, so I did what all good moms would do. I took my boy to get a hair cut. Being the good child, he obediently followed. It wasn't until after he had gotten what all mothers deem decent boys' haircuts should look like did he announce I had ruined his social life. There is no "after" photo since Tony Jr. would not allow it. Today I make a mom's plea for forgiveness, for what I can only describe as a generational misunderstanding. I am obviously atoning for the years of Pink Aquanet I put my own family through.

The earth laughs in flowers
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

A moment of confusion in the Saipan Grand Hotel bathroom.
I experienced what I can only describe as neural misfiring when I turned on the water, looked down and saw three spouts. The mind wanted the hand to go to the middle, the water came from the right. I know this seems ludicrous, but it took me a while to orient myself and place my hand under the running water. The very nice cleaning lady did not laugh at me. Until she walked out. Note to SGH: when you install new spouts, take the old one out.
The universe knew we needed a holiday. We awoke Monday morning to our heater spewing water all over the laundry room. So, the day pretty much went like this:
1. Get up out of bed, no sleeping in, no holiday rest for the already weary.
2. Find a plumber fast!
3. Run to the hardware store bust out your cash.
4. Spend all day cleaning out wet laundry room.
5. To to Curves and work off the stress
6. Spend all night making quesadillas for Hope's cultural day the next day.

I refuse the begrudge my lack of a holiday. I am thankful, yes even grateful that this calamity occurred during a day off, when I was able to do something about it and not during a working day. I am thankful that it took three years to break and not two. I am thankful that the water didn't get into the kitchen. I am thankful that the heater broke so we could buy a smaller, more energy efficient one. I am thankful the kids got to watch us not lose our cool and handle what could have, should have been an otherwise ruined day with grace. I am thankful for the lessons of life and more to come.
I'm Middle Road's pick of the week and my husband made the sexy list.

Middle Road's Pick of the Week

Middle Road\
This blog makes a proud mama! Reading Boni Gomez's posts every week keeps you in touch with a mother's sentiments toward the society and its events. A feel good read. It's like a reality program in a blog following the growing years of her children and family. This blog also tackles social issues that are very close to us. Visit her at Because I Said So.


Deece said...

That is one crazy sink!

I don't understand teenage boy hair styles these days. Oh my gosh, do I sound old, or what? Cause I'm not. OK. I'm not old! ;) Someone in the world of teenage boy idols/celebrities has led these boys seriously astray.

So the Gomez's and the Revilla's are showering in cold water. I tell you, it's so much fun lugging the hot water pots upstairs for the kids's baths.

Congratulations Tony...and Boni. ;)

rev said... confused too with the faucets. So, did the hot water and cold mix at all? i'm utterly dumbfounded...

rev said...

by the way, the 'not to GH' confused me too. ;-)

Boni said...

Deece: the more disheveled and unshowered you look, the better. Tony believed his hair had magical powers to lure hot girls. Oh well. You are not old!

Rev: The water came from the right spout. The middle was ornamental and there to confuse me.

bigsoxfan said...

From one guy to another; relax, Tony Jr. It will grow back. Also, some ladies, particularly a certain Mongolian, dig short hair.

Boni, I thankful you can still be thankful after your holiday present. You would be a good Red Sox fan.

Boni said...

You don't understand. His hair had the mystical ability to lure teenage girls and other people of cool stature.

I would make a good Red Sox fan, I am an eternal Trailblazers fan. I have experience.