Saturday, October 6, 2007

Things that were and weren't impressive

Sommer's been chatting away lately, incorporating new vocabulary from her always colorful family members, Nick Jr. and various Tagalog game shows. I took the kids to Blockbuster to get some DVDs so we could spend quality time together, you know how that goes (wink). While we waited for Care Bears Fitness Fun and Disney Princess Sing-a-Long songs to get scanned she announced to the entire store that I should put her down from the counter, and stop kissing her because I was annoying her. I looked around embarrassed. There's never a dull moment with Sommer!

A conversation in the backseat

As Peyton twirls her chain around her pendant, "Look what I can do with my necklace Sommy"


What can you do?"

I can get my boogers with my tongue"

"That's not impressive, that's gross"

Girls chuckle


Two minutes later

"Got 'em!"

There was some kind of police uproar in Garapan last week.
We could see the action from our office window.
Police officers surround an abandoned housing unit.
"Woah, a gun!"
"He's going to kick the door down!"
Kick! Kick!
"Ti na-hung Similac", we all laugh.

Chamorro Mini-Lesson:
Loosely translated this means "not enough power".
Literally translated it means "He didn't drink enough formula to build up
enough strength that would therefore enable him to kick a door down." The formula of choice for strong boys: Similac. Don't ask why, it's just a Chamorroism, that's all.

Who knows what happened. We watched until the guns were put away
and they quit circling around the housing units. BTW, there were no windows in the abandoned house. Impressive.

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