Monday, October 15, 2007

Thousands of Voices, One Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day
What if, for one day, all of us rallied behind one cause? Today for Blog Action Day, we can come together with one voice on behalf of our environment. You can help by doing one of three things:
1. Write a post about an environment issue close to your heart
2. Donate your day's earnings to an environmental charity
3. Help promote Blog Action Day

You don't have to be an environmental superhero to help. Just write as you normally do, but put in some support for an environmental issue. It's one day, it's one cause, it's a big enough deal that we should all think about helping out.

Tonight we're reading The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry and the kids and I are going to make a list of all the things we can do to help keep our environment beautiful. Then we're going to post them on our blogs. Here is a place where you can share some facts and tips for kids.


Tamara said...

That's a neat idea you have for reading a book with the kids and having them make a list. Think I may use that with my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

Pragmatic Plato said...

How about if for one day we rallied behind one cause?

The Cause: Properly Informing the CNMI Voting Public on the Provisions Found Within the Saipan Casino Act Initiative.

Let us all for one day get a hold of the Saipan Casino Act Initiative and read it and begin to question the provisions and keep questioning till we are all assured that we fully understand what we are voting on. Ignorance will not be an excuse should it pass and we are not happy with the results.


Saipan Writer said...

On kapok trees--my mother in law (may she RIP) has a stand of them. One year I collected all the pods and took in a 50 lb. rice sack filled with the stuff to dd's class. The 1st graders had a lot of fun. It's all about knowing your environment and loving it.

Boni said...

I love trees, always have. Maybe that's why I've never left GES. There are great people and beautiful trees everywhere.