Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Goodbye Hello Kitty

He loves his new Strat. The Hello Kitty backpack is still safely tucked away for brotherly duties, but my son is sporting a new manlier look (although he did say he'd love a purple HK strap). The hair is growing back now, and mom is ever conscious of disturbing the kid-to-cool equilibrium. Isn't he handsome?

The Saipan Southern High School Manta Ray Band are trying to raise money to kick ass in a competition on Guam next Spring. They're great kids, and one of them is mine. You might not notice him without his Hello Kitty backpack.


Tamara said...

Very! Nice Guitar too!

Boni said...

Can you believe our kids are so grown? Tony plays trombone too, Sommer likes to say, "My bubby's playing his bone" it's so cute.

Saipan Writer said...

And aren't you totally impressed with Will deWitt? Anna will be heading to SSHS next year just to take music with him. (sniff, I'll miss MCS.)

Boni said...

Mr. DeWitt is great. He is so dedicated to the kids and to making great music:)

bigsoxfan said...

What is it with kids today, that is one fine haircut. At Tony Jr's age, I wanted long stringy straight hair like my buddies, but later I found out the girls wanted to run their fingers through the curls. Go figure. Rock on.

Jeff said...

I work with Will. Couldn't agree more. Our arts program, ceramics, art, music are unbelievably strong. Will is also the world's tallest band teacher.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

He is a good looking kid, Boni.

I'll sponcer an impromtu parade. Do they march? Would they want to?

I'll ,heheh, drum up something or other.