Monday, October 8, 2007

Biba CNMI!

Happy Commonwealth Culture Day or shall I say
the holiday formerly known as Columbus Day!

It really isn't all that different, you know. We are celebrating our culture, a kådu (soup) of so many cultures from previous colonizations that the only thing we can say is really ours would be the ...nope, not even the tangan-tangan is ours. Well, I know for sure that chicken kelaguin is yummy and åhu (sweet soup made of young coconuts) rocks, so I'm celebrating CC Day today by buying something from Galaxy before they close too, God forbid.

All the things you need to survive in the Commonwealth are in this here list!
1. Envelope for chenchule': Hey, what goes around comes around. It's the Chamorro version of a cross between the pyramid scheme and money laundering island style.
2. Bottle of holy water: Sprinkle this on anything that needs divine intervention. Drink it at your own risk.
3. Tin foil for balutan: Every party goer's necessity. Usually accompanied by the trusty plastic shopping bag. We love leftovers in the CNMI!
4. Zories: They come in all heights, colors and can go from the surf board to the board room!
5. Permanent marker for your tupperware: You've been warned. Many have been seen shamelessly bickering over their Rubbermaid bundt cake container over a lack of inked initials. Tsk tsk.
6. Ice chest or cooler in your trunk: Duh, need I say more?
7. Vicks Vapor rub cures all ailments, just ask your grandma.
8. A Middle Name--the more the better: Bota si' Sommer Kalani de Los Reyes Sablan Pangelinan Castro Martinez Russell Gomez!


Bruce A. Bateman said...

The Vicks people must be very happy. Grandmothers in the Philippines also believe that anything from cancer to hangnails can be cured or prevented with the stuff.

I drank the holy water. I feel better.

Thanks for the list, Boni. Sorry I missed you at Porky's , I was looking forward to that Cherry whatchamacallit.

Thank goodness the new holiday starts with a "C".

Boni said...

When I can do nothing to comfort my kids, I bust out the Vick's. It gives me a night of sleep and puts their minds at ease, so we aren't complaining. I sprinkled holy water on our budget, but it didn't work...YET. I still have your Cherry Mash, don't worry.

Galvin Deleon Guerrero said...

Alas, SPAM didn't make the list.

Maybe next year.

Boni said...

We need a food list:)

Tamara said...

Did someone say food? Add Vienna Sausages and soba in there...can't live without it

Saipan Writer said...

For some reason my permanent marker never works. I mean, somewhere in Saipan there are people walking around with Tupperware containers with my name on them in heavy black permanent marker. (sigh)