Sunday, October 26, 2008

You like eat?

Peanuts and peas at Red Box

Bean paste stew with beef at Wol Mi Jung

Avocado roll at Shin Shen

Where do these dishes come from?
Hint #1: not from the same restaurant.
Hint #2: they're not all restaurants.
Hint #3: Sing mi tuna roll


Deece said...

A restaurant where I have never been; but now would like to.

Jeff said...

Kim chi jigae. How they keep it boiling at the table is a real mystery.

plumeria*girl said...

Not sure where this is at, but it looks good. Where is this restaurant?

Anonymous said...

Kimchi Cabana.

Hee Jae said...

I think you've been to more Korean restaurants than I have. Shame on me.

KapGert said...

It looks like the food was catered, Beans and Garlic from Pierre what's u ma-callit near Modern Stationary-Garapan, Tofu soup from Sashimi House, and the last one for sure is from Sushi Land. Did you cater all that food Boni?

Paguroidea said...

Rotary Shinsen Sushi Restaurant