Sunday, October 5, 2008

WARNING: Korean cure for hangover only for Koreans

Hope, TonTon, his girlfriend Kimmie and I had Korean barbecue for dinner last night. Wayne is in Bundang Korea this week, so I had to do the ordering myself. I was able to get a full meal on the table without any help from Kimmie even. I usually only manage a barely audible "thank you" every time the nice waitress comes to the table with yet another little dish. I texted Wayne to tell him and guess what he was having for dinner? By the time Wayne made it to his last meeting of the day it was already time for me to call it a night.
I was supposed to stay up and find out how the post meeting karaoke outing went, but I was already dreaming of pajeon. Sorry, honey.

Wayne did not bring his camera to Bundang, so I did what anyone does - I googled it. Nice place. He says there are no flies there. It would probably be real heaven on earth if there were no mosquitoes.

This was on the menu at Wol Mi Jung. What's your favorite after party tonic?
In keeping with my theme, here is our breakfast this fine Sunday morning. A request from Hope, it's spam and hotdog pajeon! Only in the CNMI. It gives new meaning to the integration of cultures. Yum!


Road-Block Blogger said...

I had a similar dinner with friends here in Korea, only difference is... The Korean BBQ restaurant we visited had beef that melts in your mouth.. Wol Mi Jung step aside there is surely something better, but not on Saipan of course. This little authentic mama-sang restaurant served food that had my taste buds wondering what is the flavor. I was truly thankful for this experience and I will be seeking restaurants on Saipan that can match up to the taste. I don't think I will find one.

Road-Block Blogger said...

Spam and Hot dog Pajeon. Fusion as it is called. OMG, I made all Koreans out of all of you. LOL!

Bon said...

LOL, You sure I'm not gonna be the future Mrs. Wayne Lee?

Road-Block Blogger said...

You've got me cracking up on that statement.

Bon said...

I'll meet you on chat, this is getting a little too voyeuristic. LOL

plumeria*girl said...

So where is this Wol Mi Jung restaurant at? I've gotta try it out. Kudos to Hope on her new creation of spam & hotdog pajeon.

Bon said...

P: it's in San Antonio, next to Jang's Jewelry ( I think). Has a big rectangular sign in brown. Really neat place.

Hangover Cure said...

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