Thursday, October 16, 2008

Student Poverty

Here's an interesting piece addressing student poverty. In times of economic crisis schools are being pressured to demonstrate high student achievement without addressing critical areas such as student mental and physical health. Without a holistic approach and without the proper support from our Federal and LOCAL government, we will continue to struggle in our endeavor to raise scores. Why not raise healthy, responsible, lifelong learners instead?
LFA (Learning First Alliance) members agreed that, at a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty, federal investments in education are critical investments in the nation's prosperity. You can find more information and read the entire statement here.


Hee Jae said...

Yes, this is very true. While the schools are pressured to perform, what are the families doing? Sometimes, it seems as though schools are doing what families should be doing. Schools are addressing academics, social and emotional issues, and physical wellness of the student. What are the families doing at their homes?

Bon said...

Trying to make ends meet. Sometimes in the process kids get left by the wayside. Or, trying to expand wealth and the same thing applies. Point is, we're being asked to do more with less and less. I just got my budget from local appropriations. It amounts to about $70 per child per year. The government child support is lacking to say the least.

KAP said...

Random thoughts

It's amazing how many people got excited about learning because of an exceptional teacher, and often in a subject they hate.

It's too bad there isn't a way to grade parents.

My son's science project is costing about $25 and he says 121 students got the same assignment. A lot of families can't afford that.

Bon said...

Yes Kap. Conversely, it may surprise people to know that students who get three "bad" teachers in a row suffer considerable learning losses, almost 50% and they are very difficult to regain. SVES hands out parent report cards. A lot of families cannot afford to support technolo-literacy either.