Wednesday, October 15, 2008

That's What I Said Thursday!

Question and Question
Answer the question of the person who commented before you in the form of another question.
Let's begin...

How you feeling today?

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Hee Jae said...

How would you feel if your doctor just diagnosed you, your spouse, and your 5 year old with Type II Diabetes? How would you feel if your 17 year old is sick with renal insufficiency because you gave her whatever food she wanted?

Bon said...

Are you feeling a little frustrated today?

Tamara said...

Is the rain the cause of your gloomy attitude?

Road-Block Blogger said...

How would you feel if the agency (DPW)that governs the informational signs of motorist on highways stated that because of the lack of funding in the Gov't coffers, we will not place signs to prohibit accidents from occurring? Better yet, how could you fathom the thought of a government that is negligent on safety overall, especially on secondary roads declared as highways?