Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random Hump Day Thoughts

Blockbuster is closing and all the movies are on sale for about $2 apiece. Shoots. The worst thing about sales is being totally claustrophobic. Wayne and I drove by Blockbuster last night to witness the madness. There were so many dvds I would have liked to get, but it wasn't worth the agony of having to weave through the crowd with my pulse racing and my head spinning. Too bad.

My little brother Jake got suspended for "Intent to receive lime". He is the only school age sibling left and mom is on an extended trip, probably frolicking around Italy somewhere unaware of the trauma my sister Yvette and I are unleashing on Jake. He he he. Peter is an innocent bystander as always because Peter is always too nice to cause harm or emotional distress on anyone at any time, even by accident. Wuss. Yvette and I decided that rather than send Jake home to be supervised by Peter or the family X-Box, we would give him some creative discipline. So, my brother has spent the last two days at GES as part of our illustrious custodial crew. He also moonlights as a go-fer, vacuums my office, supervises recess and runs errands for the school secretary. Here' s a picture for Principal Le'au at Saipan Southern High. Doesn't he look reformed?


plumeria*girl said...

Blockbuster used to be a place that Floyd & I would go to over the weekend for some flicks. We're pretty bummed. We didn't see that closure coming :(

Hey - where's the picture of Le'au?

Bon said...

Oh the picture was for Le'au of my little brother. He goes to SSHS. Yeah, Blockbuster closing really stinks. I don't watch much TV so I'm disappointed.

Jeff said...

The dean of discipline has an itchy trigger finger over there, which is generally a positive truth be told.