Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rocky (Road) is an ice cream not a state of mind

It started out as an ice-cream sundae and ended up as edible finger paint. Bobby's ran out of nuts and whipped cream, so they marked down the price and handed the goodies over to Sommer. I wish I knew what was going through that mind of hers. If I were to guess it would probably be something like, "This would look magnificent on that wall over there." Ai si' Sommer.
Peyton is a second grader now. So far, she's gotten 7 "wow" slips in Mr. Buniag's class and no "oops" slips. She's an overachiever with a sense of style and lots of attitude. If I could start all over again I'd be just like Peyton at 7 years old. Who says kids can't be their parents' heroes?
I love stress free nights. I love being able to make spontaneous decisions like forgetting the fact we just had dinner and that it's almost bedtime and we're really tired and just jumping in the car to grab some ice cream for the heck of it.

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Anonymous said...

ok sunshyn!!!--that's 2 down --- 6 more to go....but i really want the entire family please...i know -i know...someday...som's sooo adorable...i--too love to take pictures of my babies when they sleep---soooo angelic....till they wake up again noh??..hehehe...gotta love em all..sweet every moment...

take care--